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Online Parapharmacy. Nutrition - Herbalism. BIO - ECO products

In our online store you can find brands such as Weleda Cosmetics, Colnatur, Solgar, Dr. Schär, Amlsport, Drasanvi, Bach Rescue, Bioforce, Pranarom, Naturbite, Terpenic o Naturlider, among others. Our catalog includes whole food, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free,... from the brands El Granero, Le Pain Des Fleurs,... The quality of the manufacturers is reflected in that of natural, BIO and ECO products. We are close to you and we make it easy for you to get natural products.

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Our Online parapharmacy store. Natural, ecological & Bio Products

Our reason as a company is to improve the health and quality of life of the entire society through natural products, ecological products and biological products. For this, our entire team is qualified and involved in this common mission.

Ecological products are those that come from a production system that is respectful with the environment. biological products mean life, therefore, they are those products that have not undergone genetic alterations. A natural product is derived from a plant, an animal or a mineral, therefore, it is one that has not undergone any synthetic change.

Eco cosmetics (organic cosmetics) is one that uses a large number of ingredients that come from organic farming.

The eco and bio products have a control and a certification that give us the guarantee that the provisions of the European organic production regulations are complied with.

Whether you are passionate about essential oils or not, the truth is that aromatherapy is increasingly present in our homes thanks to the well-being and health they bring us.

Essential oils are concentrates of vegetable raw material, intensely aromatic, non-greasy, volatile and light, obtained directly from plants, roots, flowers, leaves, ... Essential oils are obtained through steam distillation.

Vegetable oils are extracted from high-fat foods. They are totally natural and healthy and have no contraindications. have great importance in natural cosmetics.

What essential oils and vegetable oils have in common is that they are both substances that come from plants that provide great benefits to our skin.

Aromatherapy uses plant compounds and essential oils to improve health and mood by inhaling or applying the oils to the skin.

The aromas act against stress, help to relax or stimulate and provide us with new energy.

Other products that you can buy in our parapharmacy such as iodine, sunflower oil, olive oil, iodized salt, coconut oil for cooking, …

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