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Vulvisens by Prospera Biotech

Vulvisens is a cream for the care of the female intimate area; It is used to treat dryness, itching or burning in the female intimate area, reducing discomfort and improving the quality of life of women.

Vulvisens by Prospera Biotech Vulvisens by Prospera Biotech

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Vulvar itching or pruritus is a very common gynecological problem in women of all ages. In fact, it represents up to 20% of gynecological consultations and affects approximately 10% of the female population at some point in their lives. The causes can be diverse and varied. These include hormonal changes associated with menstruation , pregnancy , or menopause . In addition, recurrent infections and exposure to irritating substances such as chlorine (from swimming pools) or the use of synthetic underwear can also trigger this vulvar itch.

This type of itching can have a significant impact on the quality of life of women who suffer from it. In addition to following the recommendations for daily intimate care provided by experts, such as wearing cotton underwear, avoiding perfumed products in compresses and toilet paper, refraining from douching and opting for an intimate soap in case of sensitivity, it is important to go to the gynecologist if the itching worsens and persists over time. It is also crucial to resist the temptation to scratch the area, as this could make the situation worse.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are solutions to relieve itching and continue with daily life without the associated discomfort and discomfort. A new launch called Vulvisens offers a cream specifically designed for the care of the female intimate area. Its formulation contains soothing neurodermatological ingredients, prebiotics and vegetable oils such as avocado and rosehip calendula extract. This cream relieves itching, promotes the natural microbial balance, and moisturizes, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The Prospera Biotech laboratory, based in Alicante, is a derivative company (spin off) of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH). It is dedicated to the development and commercialization of products that relieve itching and discomfort common to sensitive skin, acting on the nerve endings of the skin. Its innovative approach is based on neurodermatology and is supported by 25 years of research carried out at the Institute of Health Biotechnology (IDIBE) of the UMH. These findings are in line with the advances of Dr. Julius, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 2021.

Products launched by Prospera Biotech since its inception in 2020 until now support its approach. Among them is Ecrisens ®, a gel designed to control excessive sweating. There is also Oncapsisens ®, a specific cream for the care of sensitive skin caused by chemotherapy. In addition, they offer Nocisens ®, a line of three products for sensitive skin with atopic tendency. These launches demonstrate Prospera Biotech's commitment to providing innovative solutions to address different dermatological problems.

The care of the intimate area

Taking proper care of the intimate area is of the utmost importance for all women. Although it is sometimes considered a taboo subject, it is essential to be informed about how to care for this area properly to prevent possible complications. The female genital area is delicate and requires special attention to avoid infections, irritations and other related problems.

In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the role of the vulvar and vaginal flora, possible alterations, and recommendations for proper care of the intimate area.

The vulvovaginal flora

The vulvovaginal flora, also known as the vulvovaginal microbiota, refers to the beneficial microorganisms present in the vulva and vagina. These microorganisms play a crucial role in maintaining the health of this area, since they prevent the colonization of pathogenic species and the appearance of infections.

The flora is composed mainly of bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus. These bacteria protect the lining of the vulva and vagina in three ways:

  1. They prevent the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to the vulvar epithelium.
  2. They produce antimicrobial compounds, such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. They group with pathogens, enhancing their effect in fighting infection.


The production of lactic acid by these bacteria reduces the pH of the intimate area, keeping it around 4. This acidic environment inhibits the growth of most bacteria from the digestive tract and the environment, providing protection to the vulvovaginal mucosa.

Changes in the vulvovaginal flora

The vulvovaginal flora, which consists of beneficial microorganisms present in the vulva and vagina, can be altered, known as dysbiosis . This alteration can cause discomfort and cause vulvovaginitis, an infection of the vulva or vagina that usually manifests itself with symptoms such as changes in the volume, color or odor of vaginal discharge, itching, burning, irritation, redness and pain.

There are several causes that can cause this alteration:

  1. Age and menstrual cycle: Hormonal changes associated with age and the phase of the menstrual cycle can affect the vulvovaginal flora. Elevated estrogen levels help maintain and stimulate healthy flora in the vulva and vagina.

  2. Incorrect use of antibiotics: The excessive or inappropriate use of antibiotics, although they eliminate pathogenic bacteria, can also affect the beneficial bacteria that are part of the microbiota of the intimate area.

  3. Clothing: The use of tight clothing or fabrics that do not allow good perspiration can cause irritation to the vulva.

  4. Sexual intercourse: During sexual contact, pathogenic bacteria can be transmitted between partners, which can affect the vulvovaginal flora.

  5. Use of products with inadequate pH: The use of soaps or products with an inappropriate pH can damage the acid balance of the vulva. Traditional soaps usually have a neutral or basic pH, which can alter the natural flora of the intimate area.


Some recommendations to properly care for your intimate area and maintain a healthy balance of the vulvovaginal flora:

  1. Maintain good hygiene before and after sexual intercourse .
  2. Opt for cotton underwear and avoid clothing that is too tight . Synthetic fabrics can increase sweating in the genital area, creating a humid environment conducive to the growth of unwanted bacteria.
  3. Avoid keeping the intimate area wet . After exercising or wearing bathing suits, try not to stay in wet clothes for too long.
  4. Take care of your diet and consider incorporating foods rich in probiotics, especially if you are taking antibiotics.
  5. Schedule regular visits to your gynecologist . It is recommended to do annual check-ups and go if you experience any unusual symptoms or discomfort.
  6. Use suitable products for the care of the vulva that respect the pH and are specifically designed for its care. Avoid douching, as it can upset the balance of vaginal discharge by killing off beneficial bacteria.


By following these recommendations, you will be able to care for and maintain the health of your intimate area properly.

At Prospera Biotech they are dedicated to guaranteeing skin care through the use of neurodermatological formulations.

They have created Vulvisens , a product specifically designed for the care of the intimate area. This product acts on the nerve endings of the vulva, restoring its balance and relieving the itching sensation. In addition, it contains prebiotic compounds that help maintain a balanced microbiota in the intimate area.

Its objective is to provide us with effective and safe solutions for the care of our skin, including the intimate area.




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