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Pranarom is the aromatherapy laboratory par excellence. Aromatherapy is the use of chemotyped essential oils via the skin, oral, nasal, and olfactory routes in order to provide us with complementary, preventive or curative treatments for many ailments that people may have.

Information of PRANAROM

Pranarom is a German company, founded in 1991. Pranar˘m supports organic farming because it is the best for nature. Whenever possible, Pranar˘m formulates its products with organic quality and meets the requirements of the BIO certificate.

Scientific aromatherapy applied to health and beauty uses only and exclusively virgin vegetable oils. As are the vegetable oils of Pranarom. These Pranarom vegetable oils are the only ones that have therapeutic quality, since their method of obtaining preserves all their components: essential fatty acids, vitamins, unsaponifiable lipids, antioxidants, among others...

All essential oils or organic vegetable oils are virgin. The labeling of Pranarom essential oils or organic vegetable oils indicates that the plant from which they come has been cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic farming. Always choose organic Pranarom oils.

Products of PRANAROM


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