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  • Manufacturer SCHOENENBERG
    Manufacturer HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml: SCHOENENBERG

    Schoenenberg is one of the Salus brand products. Salus began marketing infusions, looking for top quality plants, the vast majority free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and also wild plants. Salus makes natural medicinal products.

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Information of HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

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Our physical and mental health is very important for the development of our daily activities. Being in good health also means being free from disease or illness.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins are very important nutrients for our body. Vitamins participate in many vital functions of the body. They are essential for normal metabolism, development and growth and for regulating the functioning of cells. Minerals are also essential for different body functions such as the formation of bones and blood cells, the development of the nervous system, the production of hormones and the activity of the organs.

Mood / Tiredness / Fatigue

A positive frame of mind is ideal for optimal health. Being positive helps us better manage stress and adverse situations.

Allergens de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

Without gluten

Without lactose

Vegetarian friendly

Without yeast

Without preservatives

Without additives

Without alcohol

Conservation de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

Store in a cool and dry place

Galenic forms de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

200 ml bottle

Nutrients de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

Protein, 1 x 100g.

Carbohydrates, 1 x 100g.

Fats, 0.5 x 100g.

Dosages de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

Adults: take before meals 2 to 3 times a day 10 ml of natural hypericum juice, pure or diluted in water or an infusion, fruit juice or milk

Reviews de HYPERIC JUICE 200 ml

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