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  • EAN 8435110842165
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  • Manufacturer NATURLIDER
    Manufacturer TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr: NATURLIDER

    Naturlider is based in Madrid. Naturlider is a manufacturer and distributor of food and food supplements, mood supplements, vitamins, beauty and health products. Naturlider brand products are of high quality. Naturlider, trusted manufacturer.

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Information of TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr

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Hygiene and Care

Personal hygiene is the way we take care of ourselves. This includes bathing or showering, brushing our teeth, cleaning hands, nails, feet, taking care of our intimate hygiene, cleaning and brushing our hair.


Good personal hygiene is very important to take care of our health, and prevent possible illnesses. With good body hygiene we will eliminate sweat, scaly cells and bad body odor.

Hands and Nails

Hand and nail hygiene is of the utmost importance to prevent the spread of disease and infection to other people. Also infections that we can cause ourselves, as in the case of children who put their hands in their mouth.

Allergens de TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr

Without allergens

Without parabens

Galenic forms de TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr

Soap bar of 100 grams.

Dosages de TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr

For normal and impure skin.

Reviews de TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr

There are no reviews yet Buy TEA TREE SOAP 100 gr - NATURLIDER

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