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Naturlider Detoxlider is a natural, plant-based food supplement that has a detox effect, that is, it helps us eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in our body.

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  • Manufacturer NATURLIDER
    Manufacturer DETOXLIDER 500 ml: NATURLIDER

    Naturlider is based in Madrid. Naturlider is a manufacturer and distributor of food and food supplements, mood supplements, vitamins, beauty and health products. Naturlider brand products are of high quality. Naturlider, trusted manufacturer.

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Information of DETOXLIDER 500 ml

What is Naturlider Detoxlider and what is it used for?

Naturlider Detoxlider is a food supplement that helps the body to eliminate the toxins that we have accumulated, so it has a detox effect.

Naturlider Detoxlider makes it easier for the toxins that we have accumulated and retained in the body and that cause us swelling, heaviness and, in turn, fatigue, to be eliminated and therefore expelled through the body through urine.

What are the ingredients of Naturlider Detoxlider per daily dose?

The ingredients of Detoxlider from Naturlider are:

  • Vegetal glycerin.
  • sorbitol syrup*.
  • oligofructose.
  • artichoke dry extract (cynara scolymus, leaves) 20 mg.
  • dry extract of boldo (Peumus boldus, leaves) 20 mg.
  • horsetail dry extract (Equisetum arvense, stems) 20 mg.
  • dry extract of sarsaparilla (Smilax medica, root) 10 mg.
  • goldenrod extract (Solidago virgaurea L., flowering tops) 10 mg.
  • dandelion dry extract (Taraxacum officinale Weber, root) 10 mg.
  • dry grass extract (Agropyron repens, aerial parts) 10 mg.
  • dry extract of orthosiphon (Ortosiphon stamineus, leaves) 10 mg.
  • dry extract of green tea (Camelia sinensis, leaves) 10 mg.
  • fumitory dry extract (Fumaria officinalis L., whole plant) 10 mg.
  • burdock dry extract (Artium lappa L., root) 10 mg.
  • birch dry extract (Betula alba, leaves) 10 mg.
  • Ruscus dry extract (Ruscus aculeatus, root) 10 mg.
  • dry extract of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium, fruit) 10 mg.
  • aromas.
  • L-carnitine 10mg.
  • acidity corrector (citric acid).
  • preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate).
  • purified water.
    *Excessive consumption can produce laxative effects.

What are the properties of Naturlider Detoxlider?
Detoxlíder is a balanced and safe combination of plants, formulated to complement the body and mobilize and promote metabolism.

What is the recommended daily intake of Naturlider Detoxlider?

The recommended daily consumption is 20 ml mixed in 500 ml of water and consumed throughout the day.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Pregnant or lactating women and children should consult their doctor before taking this food supplement. The product should not be used in case of hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components. The expressly recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

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Dietetics studies and treats diseases related to malnutrition or malnutrition, diabetes or hypertension. The diet is the suitable food for a person, according to his work or state of health.

Slim down

Within dietetics we can talk about the process of losing weight, which consists of losing body weight for the well-being of an individual, through physical activity and healthy eating.

Allergens de DETOXLIDER 500 ml

May contain traces of gluten

May contain traces of milk

May contain traces of soy

May contain traces of egg

May contain traces of crustaceans

may contain traces of fish

May contain traces of sulfites

Conservation de DETOXLIDER 500 ml

Store in a cool and dry place

Galenic forms de DETOXLIDER 500 ml

500ml bottle

Dosages de DETOXLIDER 500 ml

Dilute one measure (20ml) in 500 ml of water and drink during the day.

Excessive consumption can produce laxative effects

Reviews de DETOXLIDER 500 ml

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