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Hygiene and Care

Personal hygiene is the way we take care of ourselves. This includes bathing or showering, brushing our teeth, cleaning hands, nails, feet, taking care of our intimate hygiene, cleaning and brushing our hair.

Our body is in contact with millions of external germs and viruses that could make us sick, therefore, it is necessary to take care of our personal hygiene. To take care of our personal hygiene we must make use of body gels, intimate hygiene, specific soaps for the hands. 

For cleaning hair it is important to use specific shampoos, each person has a different type of hair and using the right one is what will make us look beautiful hair, it is also good to use hair masks to keep it hydrated. 

It is also part of hygiene to keep our skin hydrated with the use of moisturizing creams, whether facial for the care of the delicate skin of our face or body for our body.


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