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POTITO 100% BEEF +4 MONTHS 125 gr


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  • EAN 7640104956358
  • Availability In stock
  • Manufacturer HOLLE
    Manufacturer POTITO 100% BEEF +4 MONTHS 125 gr: HOLLE

    Holle is a brand of infant food, without chemical processing, without preservatives, without flavorings, without colorants, without added salt and without added sugars. Holle manufactures organic baby food.

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Babies and Moms

The way we communicate with our baby will influence his psychological development. Likewise, the mother's state of mind is very important for the health of our baby, since we transmit everything to her, from joy to sadness.

Baby Feeding

Feeding the baby is very important and we must always follow the recommendations of our baby's pediatrician or nurse.

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