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TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml


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  • EAN 8437006921343
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  • Manufacturer DRASANVI
    Manufacturer TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml: DRASANVI

    Drasanvi is a Spanish company, has been working on its commitment to health and well-being for two decades. Drasanvi develops, produces and markets food and sports supplements, organic cosmetics and organic food.

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Information of TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml

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Aromatherapy / Oils

Aromatherapy is the oldest therapy in the world. It has always existed since plants have never stopped being used as condiments, medicines and in different rituals.

Essential oils

The essential oil is usually obtained by carrying out a steam distillation of the plant. Essential oils contain natural chemicals that give plants a specific scent, smell, and flavor.

Allergens de TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml

Without allergens

Conservation de TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml

Store in a cool, dry place

Galenic forms de TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml

18 ml bottle

Dosages de TREE TREE OIL 100% 18 ml

Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Its composition makes it a useful oil for wounds, cuts, acne

How to use: Pure Tea Tree Oil, extracted by water vapor drag. This way of extracting the oil allows to preserve all the properties of the oil. Packed in a topaz blue container that improves its conservation

This container is the most suitable to avoid the oxidation of this type of oils.

The origin, the way of extraction and conservation make the Tea Tree Oil of an excellent quality; so much so, that it exceeds the quality set by the health authorities and the WHO

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