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  • EAN 8436044516122
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  • Manufacturer DRASANVI
    Manufacturer BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK: DRASANVI

    Drasanvi is a Spanish company, has been working on its commitment to health and well-being for two decades. Drasanvi develops, produces and markets food and sports supplements, organic cosmetics and organic food.

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Information of BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

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Nutrition is the process whose function is to transform and extract the necessary nutrients from the food that we consume. Through the process of nutrition, our body generates the energy necessary to maintain our body and therefore develop its functions.

Bio Products

When we speak of Bio products we refer to products that have not been genetically manipulated, that is, transgenic products.

Celiac / Gluten free

Celiac nutrition is the special nutrition for those people who cannot take gluten in their diet. Gluten-containing foods include grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.


Conservation de BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

Store in a cool, dry place

Galenic forms de BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

300 gram container

Nutrients de BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

Energetic value, 383 kcal., 1628 kj.

Fats, 10 mg.

Saturated fats

Carbohydrates, 92100 mg.

Sugars, 90000 mg.

Protein, 1410 mg.

Dietary fiber, 1390 mg.

Sodium, 26300 mg.

Vitamin C, 2.18 % VRN.

Calcium, 0.27 % VRN.

Dosages de BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

Coconut sugar is used as a natural sweetener in the countries of Southeast Asia

How to use: Use at convenience

No colorants, no additives, or preservatives

Reviews de BIO COCO SUGAR 300 gr DOYPACK

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