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CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp


  • EAN 8431656001691
  • Availability On request
  • Manufacturer BELLSOLA
    Manufacturer CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp: BELLSOLA

    The Bellsolá brand has more than 125 years of history, they have always been dedicated to the bakery. Bellsolá is a brand that belongs to Monbake Grupo Empresarial.

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Information of CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp

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Our physical and mental health is very important for the development of our daily activities. Being in good health also means being free from disease or illness.

Urinary System Care

The main function of the urinary system is to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from our body. The kidneys are responsible for cleaning our blood and are very important to maintain good health.

Conservation de CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp

Store in a cool, dry place

Galenic forms de CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp

Pack of 100 tablets

Dosages de CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp

Two or three daily intakes and three tablets per dose, which are equivalent to a concentrated infusion of the plant, with all its active principles and without the loss that the high temperatures of the infusions can cause.

Reviews de CH-42 CAT NAIL 100 Comp

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