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  • EAN 8436539968962
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  • Manufacturer ALLIUMNOIR
    Manufacturer ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml: ALLIUMNOIR

    Alliumnoir is a company that is committed to organic black garlic products. Black garlic cleanses and detoxifies the liver, kidney, lung, intestine, skin. Black garlic is an excellent antioxidant.

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Information of ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

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Dietetics studies and treats diseases related to malnutrition or malnutrition, diabetes or hypertension. The diet is the suitable food for a person, according to his work or state of health.

Slim down

Within dietetics we can talk about the process of losing weight, which consists of losing body weight for the well-being of an individual, through physical activity and healthy eating.

Conservation de ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

Store in a cool and dry place

Galenic forms de ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

30 ml bottle

Nutrients de ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

Energetic value, 240 kcal., 990.4 kj.

Carbohydrates, 12.3 x 100g.

Sugars, 20.5 x 100g.

Protein, 8 x 100g.

Salt, 0.375 x 100g.

Dosages de ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

Take 30 drops (1ml) on an empty stomach, mixed with a little water

Reviews de ALLIUM NOIR DEPUR 30 ml

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